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Growing up on a small Norfolk farm, I have always been surrounded by dogs (no less than 3 at any one time), cats, birds, horses, goats, pigs, hamsters and so on. I love all animals, each with their own unique quirks, however the saying is true... dogs really are a mans best friend.

After years of working in Banking IT, I decided to hang up the suits, and pursue my passion for animals full time in 2018. I love nothing more than spending my time walking, having fun, and caring for your dogs, while also providing a professional service for my clients.



I got my first dog Dixie at the far too late age of 13, and instantly fell in love. from the long walks in the park to the cuddles on the sofa, he truly was the best friend one could ask for. Ever since I have been obsessed with our 4 legged companions. 

I had been caring for dogs professionally (but part time) for over 5 years, and then in 2018 I finally decided to make it my life's work and go full time. Managing the company (and Rupert) at times can be challenging, but by far the best decision I ever made.

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