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Dog Walking
Dog Boarding
Puppy Visits

From £15 Per Walk

Dog Walking

For those times when you are unable to walk your pooch, With 2 Tails are here to help. We offer morning and lunchtime walks around Mitcham, Tooting, and Streatham Common.

We ramble across fields, through woodlands, long grass trails, and past dog ponds where the dogs can take a dip if inclined (especially popular in the summer months). We are very much all-weather walkers, enjoying blue skies, drizzly mornings, or fresh snow (which the dogs love playing in as much as we do).   

The service includes pick-up and drop-off to your house, and keys can be left with us if required. The walk itself is 1 hour long, and jam-packed full of exercise and play. With up to 5 other friendly dogs on each walk, your pooch will get the socialisation they need, while having a great time.

This is our most popular service with limited places, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and secure your place today.

Brutus Boarding.jpg

From £40 Per Night

Dog Boarding

Once your dog becomes one of the “With 2 Tails” pack, you can book in our home-away-from-home dog boarding service. Whether you are planning a night out, a weekend away, or a full holiday, you can rest assured that your dog is having a great time at our place.

Your dog has complete free reign over our abode and is showered with affection for the duration of their stay. If they sit on the furniture at yours, they do so at ours. 

For the duration of their stay we can send pictures and videos, so you can relax in the knowledge that your dog is enjoying their holiday as much as you are.

Pick-up, drop-off, and all walks, exercise, and treats are included within the price. However, please be aware that we only take 1 or 2 dogs at any one time, so please do book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

I know mate, Ive got that Monday feeling

£16 Per Visit

Puppy Visits

If you have recently had a puppy join your family, and are worried about leaving them on their own, then rest assured, “With 2 Tails” are here to help.

We offer visits throughout the day, where we:

  • Cuddle and play    

  • Reinforce any training exercises you have been working on

  • Feed them

  • Clean up any whoopsies


Our visits last for 30 minutes, and for our office-based clients, we would normally do 2 or 3 visits a day… but this is completely up to you.

Once your new pup has finished their vaccinations, these visits can then become short walks, to ensure they are getting enough exercise, and to work on their toilet training.

Then, when your puppy reaches adolescence, they can then join our group walks, which not only act as great exercise, but provide the much-needed socialisation they need for their development.

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